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The Style and Voice course I took finished up last week, and I thought I would share some of my favorite shots from the 5 weeks I spent really thinking about and refining my style.  I am drawn to and most inspired by lifestyle photography and environmental portraiture, and I am working on making sure my larger portfolio reflects those genres.  Below are some of my favorites from the past five weeks (and there are a couple repeats from my last post!).

This winter has been LOOONNNNGGGG, and I am sure we can all agree that Spring can’t come fast enough.  Although being cooped up inside these past few months has forced me to work on playing with light (or lack thereof) and getting some more practice with my speed light, I can’t wait till it warms up and we can go back to our almost daily walks at the park, playing in the backyard, and hitting up the playground–it is much more fun to shoot outside and catch the boys having fun and letting out all that energy!  We have big plans for the Spring–putting in a shed and mulching, and starting a vegetable garden (there seems to be some wildlife in our backyard–just ask Charlie–so we’ll see how that goes).  Can’t wait for all this snow to melt!!

Annie Fox Photography, Lifestyle photograhyPINIMAGEAnnie Fox Photography, Lifestyle photograhyPINIMAGEAnnie Fox Photography, Lifestyle photograhyPINIMAGEAnnie Fox Photography, Lifestyle photograhyPINIMAGE


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Everyone knows that I like to photograph kids and families, especially my own, and that plays an important role in my style and voice as a photographer.  In the class I am taking, I have been exposed to some absolutely talented photographers who have made me want to try to expand my horizons a little bit.  The challenge with that is that I want to (and need to) stay consistent to my own voice.  While I was in Austin the past few days, I decided to try some new things out–namely a little bit of street photography.  As part of my class, I studied a master photographer, and I choose Vivian Maier.   She was an undiscovered and extremely talented street photographer who documented the cities of Chicago and New York for more than 30 years.  And what I did learn? I am not a street photographer!! I feel too much like a creeper taking pictures of strangers, and my admiration of street photographers has increased exponentially.  Maybe it is because I am not a particularly extroverted person, and I worry to much that I am going to upset people by taking the photograph, even from afar.  Nevertheless, I am pretty happy with the photographs I was able to take these past few days, and I am interested to see how people think they fit into my larger body of work.

As always, be sure to check out the weekly work of these amazing and talented women: Jana Knupp, Betsy Kirby, Rebecca Orton, Amber Yarnevich, and Adrienne Russell.

Here are the photos!




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I have been working on refining my portfolio for the Style and Voice course I am taking (starts next week!), and also pulled together 13 photos I took last year that are some of my favorites.  I tried to pick ones that I haven’t previously shared here or on FB, although a number of these were from my 365 (and so I posted them on FB).  These are just family photos–I am going to do a separate post sometime in the future of my favorite photos from the wonderful clients I had last year as well.

Also–if you haven’t already, please subscribe to my blog! You will get an email update every time I post something.  Facebook has become pretty useless because they limit how many people see your posts (based on engagement).  For example, my last FB business post was only seen by 12 people.  But the more people share and comment, the more people get to see it.  They also take into account whether the post is a link, words, or photos (wordy posts get more views).  This is true of personal posts as well–and it is actually worse for personal posts because they don’t tell you how many people saw your post (they do tell you for business pages).

Anyway, here are 13 favorites from 2013!


{Framigham Family Photographer Annie Fox Blog}_April 20, 2013_1PINIMAGE{Framigham Family Photographer Annie Fox Blog}_April 21, 2013_1PINIMAGE{Framigham Family Photographer Annie Fox Blog}_December 10, 2013_1PINIMAGE{Framigham Family Photographer Annie Fox Blog}_February 02, 2013_1PINIMAGE{Framigham Family Photographer Annie Fox Blog}_February 10, 2013_1PINIMAGE{Framigham Family Photographer Annie Fox Blog}_January 11, 2013_1PINIMAGE{Framigham Family Photographer Annie Fox Blog}_January 19, 2013_1PINIMAGE{Framigham Family Photographer Annie Fox Blog}_June 29, 2013_1PINIMAGE{Framigham Family Photographer Annie Fox Blog}_March 03, 2013_1PINIMAGE{Framigham Family Photographer Annie Fox Blog}_March 16, 2013_1PINIMAGE{Framigham Family Photographer Annie Fox Blog}_October 13, 2013_1PINIMAGE{Framigham Family Photographer Annie Fox Blog}_September 07, 2013_1PINIMAGE{Framigham Family Photographer Annie Fox Blog}_September 15, 2013_1PINIMAGE



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19 days into January, and I am managing to keep up with my 365 project:-)I haven’t done so well with the Facebook/blogging 2x/week, but I have plenty of time to work on that!  In other photography related news, on a whim (and with a little encouragement from a certain husband), I applied and got into Lynne Rigby’s “Style and Voice” course over at The Photographer Within.  There are some really talented women in the class, and I am really looking forward to it!  I will probably write a review/describe my experience in the course when I am done.  If you would like to take a look at my portfolio, you can find it here.  I am going to be tweaking a few/swapping out a few photos before the class starts on the 27th, but these are my favorite photographs and the ones that I think represent me the best.

Here are some of the highlights from the past week or so for my 365 project!

January 06, 2014PINIMAGEJanuary 07, 2014PINIMAGEJanuary 12, 2014PINIMAGEJanuary 14, 2014PINIMAGEJanuary 17, 2014PINIMAGEJanuary 18, 2014PINIMAGE




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Happy New Year! For my first blog post of the new year, I am updating my photography goals for 2014.  A year from now, we’ll see if I was able to meet these goals. As always don’t forget to check out the awesome work of these ladies–they take some truly stunning photos! Jana Knupp, Betsy Morgan, Rebecca Orton, Amber Yarnevich, and Adrienne Russell

1. Complete a 365 project.  Last year, I tried to do this on my own. I posted my images weekly to Facebook. However, by the beginning of June, I fizzled out. I did manage to take a photo more days that I didn’t, but I would really like to finish a 365 project, for real! For 2014, I have joined a group of photographers from The Photographer Within who are also embarking on 365 projects. I hope it will keep me inspired and motivated to shoot daily!  My plan is to blog some of the images, post some to Facebook, and share some in my 365 group.  So if you are reading this and see me regularly (in person or online!), keep me honest!  I’m probably going to start carrying my camera everywhere now, but am also planning to do some shooting with my iPhone when I need to.  Another thing I am doing to keep me motivated to shoot daily is 30 day projects.  One hurdle I ran into last year was that I got bored.  I am hoping that when boredom (or a lack of inspiration) strikes, I can use a 30-day project to keep me on track.  For example, I might do 30 days of black and white images, or 30 days of no people.  I don’t want to restrict myself with rules or limits, so I am only going to do these 30 day projects if I am feeling like I am starting to fizzle out!

2Master my speedlite (flash).  I know how to use my external flash (TTL, bouncing, FEC), but I think I could definitely improve my skill here.  I haven’t decided whether to take a class or just get a book and watch you tube tutorials.  We’ll see.

3 Continue to work on my Photoshop and Lightroom skills.  I would say that I am highly proficient with Lightroom, both as an editing tool and an organizational tool.  Nevertheless, I think there is probably a lot I don’t know, too.  I can also work my way around Photoshop, but I KNOW there is a TON more I need to learn.  I have my eye on an online Photoshop course that I think I will help improve my editing and overall workflow.

4. Print my photobooks from last year (and ummm…2012); stay on top of having my photos printed and put in albums.  Self-explanatory.  Simple.  Yet so difficult.  I actually have the albums all made.  They just need to be printed!

5. Post twice a week to my blog and to my Facebook business page.  My business is very young, and I don’t have a lot of time to devote to marketing. And with a full-time job and two small children, I’m not in a position to really pour all my time and energy into generating clients.  I am happy shooting the clients that make their way to me through word of mouth.  But one easy thing I can do is try to improve my SEO, and work on developing a Facebook audience.  I don’t think FB is the holy grail of free marketing like it once was, but it is still a good place to have a presence I think.  I’m probably going to use my 365 project as motivation to post both here and FB.




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